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At our core, we are dedicated to the well-being of our planet right from the beginning. That's why our products are crafted with utmost care and consideration to your needs and to minimise the impact on our beloved nature.

Sustainability pledge


All of our meals are made by focusing on what a healthy adventurer needs. That is long-lasting energy, good fats, a bunch of essential protein and a bit of sweetness. No trickily-named nasties. 
Along this, we have decided that all of our meals will contain no animal products, as we found them to be too heavy for our pouches. Also that means that anyone can eat them right?
(We are working on changing the recipe to fit gluten/ nut free explorers - if you are looking for some now - we are happy to help!)

Oh, have we mentioned that all of our fruit are dried by hand?
And no, that doesn't mean we take our time waving our hands to dry the fruit, that means that we don't add any sugars to preserve the fruit. To accommodate this our products are made periodically to maximise the freshness.


The pouches are made from combination of paper on the outside and a starch-lined interior with a plastic free zip-lock close. They are a fully compostable solution that will disintegrate in compost within 1 year - faster if the levels of warmth, moisture and air exposure are right. (commercially compostable under EN13432)

They will withstand accidental water on the outside but trust me they don’t like full day swimming in lakes or seas. It's just not their thing.
The pouches can withstand hot boiling water only inside of them and they would prefer not to be boiled alive. (a.k.a. best to avoid drowning the pouch in the pan with boiling water)

We've also carefully selected the smallest pouches so that they are an ideal fit for your backpack (also they don’t like being separated, so best buy them in pairs or in threes)

Preparation instructions

Your compostable pouch comes with clear instructions regarding water levels and cooking options on the back of the pouch. Simply pour liquid into the pouch, and wait for the meal to re-hydrate, give it a few stirs from the bottom up and enjoy. If you cannot reach to the bottom of the bag, giving it a few hugs helps a lot!

How to compost?

​We have some friendly suggestions on how to dispose of your pouches in an environmentally-conscious manner:

Composting Option
One excellent choice is to place the pouches in a composting system. (our pouches are certified for both home and industrial composting) For optimal decomposition, make sure they are exposed to warm temperatures and have proper air circulation. Once composted, you can utilize the resulting materials as nutrient-rich fertilizers. Yum! more plants!

Household Waste Option
We understand that not everyone has access to composting facilities, so throwing your compostable pouches into the common household waste is also an option. Although they will eventually end up in a landfill, these pouches will naturally break down over time.

Please note: Our pouches don't fit in your recycling bin, as they are compostable not recyclable. Also they don't like being buried outdoors, as they need guaranteed warmth, moisture and air to decompose quickly.

Food waste

Well, to put it simply, there's hardly any. Occasionally, mistakes happen during production, resulting in a pool of tasty leftovers we happily indulge in. Everything is put to good use. and it's a delightful way to minimize any excess and enjoy the fruits of our labor. 😉


Have you ever noticed the unique charm of the boxes in which your meals are delivered? Well, there's a fun reason behind it!

In our effort to minimize our carbon footprint, we save the boxes we receive, strip them from unnecessary plastics and pack your orders in. It's part of our commitment to sustainability. 

Oh, how fun it will be if you can pass our initiative forward and in turn send your gifts in the boxes you receive! :)

Your feedback is valuable to us!​​

If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve our practices, we would love to hear from you. Your input helps us in our ongoing journey to enhance our service and make a positive environmental impact.

If you've got any suggestions for anything we could do better, let us know!
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