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Girl Hiking in Mountains

100% natural & sustainable

 Plant powered  adventure meals​

so you can simply enjoy being outdoors!

Hey fellow adventurer!

Just like you, we absolutely love hiking, running, climbing, and basically anything that gets us out in the nature and challenges our body and mind!

That's precisely why we've gone ahead and developed meals that completely satisfy our cravings for thrilling adventures and support our plant-based lifestyle.


The products

All our products are fully plant-based and are made to support you on fun outdoor adventures!


Turns out this was actually my favorite flavor! I thought blueberry would be the obvious winner for me, but this is REALLY nice! The flavor from the apple wins out, I don't think I could really taste the pear, but it reminded me of eating hot apple pie! I'd eat this every day for breakfast!


I loved it! Tasted delicious, earthy, healthy and so nutritious! I loved the chunky bits of fruits inside which made the consistency so good as well! The portion size is also perfect! I'm the biggest fan!


I loved how fresh the strawberries tasted, you couldn’t tell that they were dried, perfectly sweet and juicy too! I did find that the walnut chunks were a little bit too big (I do love walnuts, but felt like it contradicted the strawberry chunks) but I really liked the taste of the berries and nuts together so maybe could have slightly smaller bits of walnut - other than that it was perfect❤️

Our why... to enable you experience outdoors more often.

We know how much energy it takes to have fun outside so we are here to make it easy, healthy and Earth-friendly!
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