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Here’s a true story for you 

My first encourter with the raw, real nature was in 2014, when I have decided to do something crazy before I am 20. So off I went on a bike with a tent on my back to travel around the peak District and see if I can come back in one piece. Long story short I did, though I had a few encouters with sheep and cows along the way, especially while camping. I was terriefied once that I will be stomped by a neighbour heard of sheep, but I didnt have any otehr place to sleep and it was raining when I was putting the tnet up already. so i had to satisfy myself with what i found and pray to survive the night.


Fast forward a few years, I have finished my Nutritionist studies and  from Nottingham 
I was applaed by the quality of food and the lack of variety that meals offered but also it looks like we can only eat chips of salads, so  I wanted to try it. 

The idea of the company sprtoued in 2017 during the nutritional studoes, wher eI have 

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